Technical Data


The seriousness of a company is proven everyday not only by work results and product quality but also by external assessments measuring the level of quality achieved. Therefore, Amigos Caffè employs the Quality Management System to reach its two most important objectives, namely continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


The attention we devote to our coffee is proven – above all – by our roasting process. We are used to closely follow up all stages of coffee processing and to take note of any possible changes. For this purpose, we employ Color Test, a cutting edge technological instrument, which enables us to obtain a perfect and constant roast at all times. Thanks to our long-standing experience we can take care of the rest.


The quality of a cup of coffee is determined a long way from here. At Amigos Caffè we know that perfectly well when selecting the raw materials. Our best coffee blends result from a careful assessment of the perfect balance of the various coffees we choose to blend, according to our recipes which have been a family secret for many years.