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Strada delle Saline, 3 | Muggia | Trieste tel. +39 040 923 5052 | | P.IVA: IT00308410323


La torrefacción artesanal de Trieste que, desde el 1980, lleva el inconfundible aroma del café italiano a las casas y bares de todo el mundo.

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Our smiling soul: Amigos Caffè presents Il Mingardi S Premium at HostMilano

From 13th to 17th October, the Family of Coffee will bring their new blend to HostMilano (Hall 22P Stand N58). “The portrait of softness with a charming scent”. With this evocative description, the Family of Coffee introduces the new blend of Il Mingardi S collection: started 7 years ago with the Riserva coffee, the story continues today with the Premium quality. Balanced, comprehensible, effortlessly extracted, Il Mingardi S Premium stems from Amigos Caffè’s desire to highlight the most precious features of the Arabica and Robusta species, namely the clean and pleasant experience offered in the cup. Its thick and elastic…