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La torrefacción artesanal de Trieste que, desde el 1980, lleva el inconfundible aroma del café italiano a las casas y bares de todo el mundo.

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HomeNewsAmigos caffé to present 7 origini – the 100% arabica blend – at host.

Following last year’s success, the coffee family is once more gathering at the Milan biennial fair, with a new product and a completely new concept.
Amigos Caffè will be attending the highly anticipated HostMilano event, a leading trade fair in the global hospitality industry, now in its 41st year.

7 Origini, the new 100% Arabica blend, is all set to be the star of the show for Amigos Caffè (Pavilion. 22 M14N13). It will be served in an elegant and refined environment, with the company’s historic sombrero logo set against a background of black and white.

With the revival of the Trieste roasting industry, in terms of image as well as of variety and products, Amigos Caffè is looking to the future, meeting the market demand for increasingly refined and innovative flavours.

The HostMilano stand will also offer tastings of our other quality blends, such as the Mingardi S and Qualità Extra-Bar, which will not fail to impress even the most sophisticated palate.

An Extraordinary 100% Arabica
The 7 Origini blend started life as Claudio Pribetic’s vision of the ideal cup of coffee. It’s a full-bodied 100% Arabica blend with a strong, intense flavour and no acid aftertaste. A whole new experience in comparison to many of the same-old styles, 7 Origini 100% Arabica delights the palate from the very first sip, releasing all the aromas of the seven different origins from which it takes its name. The pleasant, fruity aftertaste is further enhanced by a teaspoon of sugar.

A crowd-pleaser during the latest Trieste EspressoExpo, with this blend the team at Amigos intends to reaffirm its place at the top table of the coffee industry, both in Italy and globally.

Originally intended for the Hotel and Catering industry, today this blend is available in every form for domestic consumption.

A New Image
Without abandoning its unbreakable bond with the traditions of Italian coffee, Amigos Caffè nonetheless continues to modernise as a company. Not only by redesigning its packaging and branding, but also by encouraging a generational shift from within its staff.

This new team, capable of introducing technological and marketing innovations into a firmly established and settled company, is supported every step of the way by leading experts in the sector.

At HostMilano, our guests will be welcomed with the refined quality of our 7 Origini 100% Arabica blend, presented and packaged in smooth black and white, with the logo and text in polished black.

The launch of 7 Origini marks a milestone for Amigos Caffè. It is the challenge of an innovation-oriented future, without compromising on the deep-rooted traditions of our homeland that paved the way for the development and success of the Italian espresso.

The Company
The story of Amigos Caffè ( began in 1980, in a small 40m² warehouse on the outskirts of Trieste. Severino Mingardi, a native of Brescia, and his wife, Maria Sincovich, bought an old 30kg roaster and a manual packaging machine. Soon thereafter, Amigos Caffè’s «sombrero logo» was born. Over the years, the business grew, and the headquarters moved twice until, between 1999 and 2005, the company settled on an 11,000m² site, 5,000 of which were set aside for production and storage. Today, the roasting plant is headed by Arianna Mingardi and other members of the family; it employs 16 personnel, produces a line of 10 coffee blends (working for third parties as well), and boasts a production capacity of 1,600kg/hour. The brand is not popular in Italy alone: the Amigos Caffè brand is also famous abroad, with a presence in other EU countries as well as further afield.

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