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Strada delle Saline, 3 | Muggia | Trieste tel. +39 040 923 5052 | | P.IVA: IT00308410323


The craft roasting company based in Trieste that has been filling houses and cafés all over the world with the unmistakable aroma of Italian coffee since 1980.

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HomeNewsOur smiling soul: Amigos Caffè presents Il Mingardi S Premium at HostMilano

From 13th to 17th October, the Family of Coffee will bring their new blend to HostMilano (Hall 22P Stand N58).

The portrait of softness with a charming scent”. With this evocative description, the Family of Coffee introduces the new blend of Il Mingardi S collection: started 7 years ago with the Riserva coffee, the story continues today with the Premium quality.

Balanced, comprehensible, effortlessly extracted, Il Mingardi S Premium stems from Amigos Caffè’s desire to highlight the most precious features of the Arabica and Robusta species, namely the clean and pleasant experience offered in the cup. Its thick and elastic cream catches the attention at the first sight, caressing both the eye and the palate with its peculiar softness. The intense and immediate perception of dried fruits in the aroma rises with the first taste, introducing and making way to lively notes of cocoa.

Amigos Caffè welcomes all coffee lovers to come and taste Il Mingardi S Premium at HostMilano (Hall 22P Stand N58), where visitors will have the opportunity to learn every detail of the story and the organoleptic features of the new blend. “Behind every creation signed by Amigos Caffè there is a narration – states Arianna Mingardi, the company’s CEOand believe me when I say that this story is worth listening and experiencing; after all, Amigos Caffè means joy, Il Mingardi S means emotion”.

The emotions behind a project

Il Mingardi S line was launched in 2016 with the homonymous Riserva coffee, a tribute to Amigos Caffè’s founder, Severino Mingardi. Everything about the blend evokes his personality, his everyday life, his depth: in other words, his soul.

With over 40 years of experience, we have learnt that some stories have a beginning and an end, while others are destined to continue. This is the case of Il Mingardi S” continues Arianna Mingardi. Il Mingardi S Premium comes precisely from this desire to carry on the narration of a story and of a person. A blend whose features are completely different and incomparable to the first born, starting from the selection of green coffee beans, all the way to the actual taste and the underlying intention: this Premium coffee is conceived to impress and the packaging contributes with its eye-catching colour, a livery that does not go unnoticed. “Why gold? Because gold lingers in your memory – continues Arianna Mingardi – just like the friendly and honest smile of my father, Severino Mingardi, warm like a summer day, like 19th August 1944, the day he was born”.

The blend has been, in fact, presented in preview on 18th August 2023 in the company’s headquarters and it is available on the market since 19th August 2023.

More than just a stand: Trieste – the city of coffee

Trieste. The city where Severino Mingardi founded Amigos Caffè back in 1980 with his wife Maria Sincovich. A small 40-sqm warehouse in the suburbs of the city, an old 30-kilos roaster, a manual packaging machine and three blends: these were the most loyal companions of the Mingardi family during their first years in business.

Trieste is the city that saw the company grow and saw it approach the international markets, until it became what it is today. The roastery has its headquarters in Muggia (Trieste), it is currently led by Arianna Mingardi and the other members of the family. Selection, roasting, grinding and packaging of its coffees are carried out in this plant; the product portfolio includes twelve blends and the company also offers a private label service dedicated to companies who wish to externalise the last two phases of the production chain.

So meaningful for Amigos Caffè as it is for the whole coffee sector, Trieste, with its history, its strategic position overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the presence of a cluster of coffee traders, is indeed the capital of coffee; hence, the decision of the roastery to participate in the 43rd Edition of HostMilano with the stand “Trieste Città del Caffè” (Trieste – The City of Coffee).