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We truly care about the future of our environment hence we are here to offer detailed instructions on how to correctly dispose of Amigos Caffè’s products.

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Select the type of packaging you want to dispose of and discover how to recycle it.

Remember to always consider the rules and regulations applying in your area.






Coffee grounds can be recycled too!

Coffee grounds can be reused in many different ways and contexts: house cleaning, personal care and gardening are only a few.

You can remove dirt from the surfaces by rubbing the grounds with a sponge and some water or liquid soap, or you can put the grounds in the fridge to remove bad odours.

If you mix them with olive oil, you can make your own body scrub or a face mask adding cocoa powder, milk and honey.

If you have a passion for gardening, you can also use them as fertiliser for flowers and plants that prefer acidic soil.