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Strada delle Saline, 3 | Muggia | Trieste tel. +39 040 923 5052 | | P.IVA: IT00308410323


The craft roasting company based in Trieste that has been filling houses and cafés all over the world with the unmistakable aroma of Italian coffee since 1980.

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HomeNewsOur specialty won the Camaleonte Coffee Award

At the heart of our philosophy there is not only a passion for coffee, but also a deep commitment to researching and selecting engaging experiences through single-origin coffees.

And it is precisely to our specialty that was awarded the Camaleonte Coffee Award: Colombia Barrique Rum Fermentation, the single-origin from the Caldas region of Colombia. A coffee that embodies the art of balancing tradition and modernity and stands out for its sweetness and liqueur note.

An accolade that we share with Sandalj Trading Company, and which enhances our dedication to creating unique moments and spreading the culture of coffee.