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Tršćanska zanatska pržionica koja donosi prepoznatljivu aromu talijanske kave u domove i kafiće diljem svijeta već od 1980.

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HomeNewsAmigos caffè dedicates to his founder a new brand and a new blend: the aroma of il mingardi s has been revealed

Trieste, the coffee capital, has a new aroma: it is the new blend, Il Mingardi S, named after Severino Mingardi, the founder of Amigos Caffè. It is an exquisite reserve coffee which celebrates a true passion for coffee started in 1980. Officially introduced at TriestEspresso Expo 2016, an awaited event for the international coffee industry, Il Mingardi S is available on the market and for online purchasing ( for the persons interested in tasting it at home. The blend stands out for its strong personality: its scent, mellow body, sweetness and balance characterise this exclusive coffee cup.
Il Mingardi S, created by the intuition and research of Arianna Mingardi and Claudio Pribetic, opens a new chapter for the history of the Triestine company and fulfils the dream of Severino Mingardi. The toaster from Brescia had long dreamt of adding to “Amigos recipes”, traditional and well established, an original coffee blend to be presented with an Italian brand, representing the essence of the espresso made in Italy. A project meditated and kept within the family, which for many reasons had not been put into effect. Then life decided for him, and his untimely and sudden passing in October 2014 left a wish to the new generation.

A thrilling and ambitious project
At the end of 2015, Arianna Mingardi begins working on the project, inventing the name and the image for the new product. The logo of Il Mingardi S was born, a delicate and symbolic logo, a letter first of all, then a graphic sign and an espresso cup. Arianna Mingardi remembers with amazement «The first time I saw the letter S of Severino transformed in a coffee cup I thought my father’s own name had predicted his destiny».
Creating the coffee blend becomes the work of three people when Amigos Caffè engages also the espresso professional Edy Bieker of Sandalj Trading Company, who has recently received the lifetime achievement award for Speciality coffee by SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe). The challenge to Edy Bieker by Arianna Mingardi was particularly ambitious: blending exclusive coffees which could express the memory of Severino Mingardi in a cup.
«Tasting Il Mingardi S must give the emotion related to the blue colour, his favourite in any occasion», the deep blue of the night. The image to be recalled is that of a starry and silent sky, which becomes a sense of tranquillity, serenity and satisfaction. To Edy Bieker, who knew Severino Mingardi well, the relation between the blue colour and the personality of the man was very clear «humble and hard working, always ready to get down to business. He was an optimist, a man of few words but always strong and profound». Upon these reflections, Arianna and Claudio, in collaboration with Sandalj’s team, select different kinds of high quality coffee which, united in a blend, could have precise organoleptic characteristics: its richness and its low sourness, mitigated by pleasant sweet aromas. The research lasted for several months, alterning checking and refining stages. It consisted in comparing different samples to reach a solution, the right shade of blue. The reserve coffee achieved is then submitted to a hundred people for a blind test.

The story of Il Mingardi S is also told in the following video:

Il Mingardi S: the aroma of a starry night
«By tasting the coffee, everyone experienced a feeling of harmony and balance and, in the lengthy and pleasant aftertaste, the evasion that only a dream can offer», Arianna Mingardi explains the aroma of the innovative blend of roasted coffee (80% arabica, 20% robusta). Since its first tasting as expresso, Il Mingardi S releases an intense taste of cocoa, brittle and dried fruit followed by the captivating taste of orange marmalade. Even the aftertaste, intense and enduring, gains hints of almond with a touch of raw citrus honey.
The refinement of the taste fully corresponds to the package of the new product by Amigos Caffè. Coordinated to the elegance of the logo of Il Mingardi S and to the intensity of the blue colour, the package shows the stylised image of the most beautiful square in Trieste, piazza Unità d’Italia, and the blowing of the typical north-eastern Italian wind, the “Bora”. On the package, a delicate drawing of Severino Mingardi’s face, and a poem written by his daughter Arianna.

The website dedicated to Il Mingardi S:

The company
Amigos Caffè’s history ( starts in 1980 in a little 40sqm warehouse in the outskirts of Trieste. Severino Mingardi, native of Brescia, and his wife Maria Sincovich bought an old 30kg toaster and a manual packaging machine. The “sombrero hat grain” was born shortly thereafter. Year after year, their activity grew and its location changed twice until, between 1999 and 2005, the company moved in a 11,000sqm area. 5,000sqm of that area were used for production and storage. Today the roasting company is led by Arianna Mingardi and the other family members; it has 15 employees, a product line of 10 coffee blends and works also for third parties with a productivity of 1,600 kg/h. Amigos Caffè, internationally renowned, can be found from Greece to Russia, from central to northern Europe.

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